Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh No..

Recently I saw a pair of earrings on my Facebook feed By Eliana Maniero and I really loved the design.  The photograph you see first is a cover picture tutorial of this design offered by Eliana and a link to her Etsy store
I have seen this sort of design before created by many other beaders but fashioned in different colours, materials etc but the fundamental of the design composition remained the same.  I wanted to create a version of this design without the tutorial simply because I did not want an exact 'copy' of the earring.  I felt I had enough beading knowledge to make my own version I did.

Eliana Maniero
SBJ's Beading Samples
The first beaded sample you see on the left is the first attempt.  I threaded 38 size 15 24k GP Charolottes, then added size 11 seed beads and 3mm bicones.  For the second sample I added the chain as an after thought as I did not like how the beaded band sat.  I was not sure how I would securely and attractively attach it to an earring finding, thus the chain was added.  The third version is what I really liked and then named the component 'Happy' purely because it looked like a happy little smile.  I excitedly put together the Happy Earring in gold then in silver, then made the necklace with lots of 'Happy' components joined by a single pearl in between.
Happy Earrings in Silver with a pearl
Happy Earrings in gold
Happy Necklace in Silver with pearls
I will take the silver version with me on holiday and specifically created them for a new maxi dress that I bought for our dinner at the Eiffel Tower this month in Paris.  As I was beading the matching necklace using the 'Happy' design, something was niggling me in the back of my mind.   Months and months ago I had previously bought an earring 'no wire' tutorial from Cynthia Newcomer Daniel?  Was the design similar ...Surely not.  I searched back through my emails as I had not even downloaded the tutorial that I had bought.  I should mention here that I have about 43 purchased tutorials from various beaders from around the world; plus 8 beading kits all of which remain unbeaded.  That is I have not attempted any of them.  (with the exception of Heather Collins 'Crawl Berries' tutorial which I am currently beading on and off).  I found Cynthia's email with the .pdf tutorial attachment but looking at Cynthia's design and then my own Happy design .. I surrendered to the fact that they were far too close for comfort. 

I have included a pic of Cynthia's earring tutorial cover and a link to her Etsy store JewelryTales
Cynthia Newcomer Danials 'No Wire' Tutorial Cover
I dearly wanted to share the design with the readers of Australian Beading magazine through a project tutorial but I feel I cannot as I am a beader with integrity and absolutely do not infringe the copyright of others designs.   Happy Beading  Mel

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Name Change?

Since moving to Brisbane from Melbourne this year I have struggled with being consistantly able to design and produce jewellery so much so that I in fact stopped supplying the Incube8r Gallery in Mosman, Sydney with my beadwork.  I had already stopped supplying the boutiques and shops that stocked my work in Melbourne once I left for Brisbane.  I still continue to write beading tutorials and articles for Australian Beading magazine.  With respect to my actual beading time I would say that I am experimenting with the various off loom beading stitches that I love.  I am pushing the limits of my beading abilities as far as possible as I want to ultimately expand my skill base and create more beautiful beadwork.

But this brings about another dilemma ... to change name or not?  For the last 4 years I have been building my Social Butterfly Jewellery name but alas I really feel the name no longer reflects what I do.  What I do is beadweaving and what I create is beadwork.  The new name that appeals to me is HONEYBEE's BEADWORK.  The name change requires much work and cost and so requires careful consideration. Such a dilemma.

Finished jewellery, beading kits, jewellery tutorials are available in my Etsy store.