Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010 Boudoir Beautiful European Competition - Midnight Mistress

I am seeking your support for my recent entry into the 2010 Boudoir Beautiful European Competition. If you like Midnight Mistress and would like her to go live in the London Swarovski Gallery please give her a 5 star vote!

This competition is one that is some what different in that the entrant must promote their entry. Ten entries are selected based on their popularity which is determined by the votes and the vote average. No votes, no hope basically .. an odd way to run a competition and I am unsure if competitions have been run in this way before; and if so how successful? The judges then choose 7 entries who then go on to be a finalist. There are two other international websites for international non-speaking entrants entering this competition. If you like my entry and have 30 seconds to vote please visit the link .. may good karma follow you my friends.

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