Thursday, November 4, 2010

4 Short Listed Entries for the Create Your Style Swarovski Beading Competition 2010

It has been a long wait to learn who jumps the first hurdle to make the short list for the final judging. Everybody who entered waited for the 15 September 2010 which came and went without any notificiations ... hmmm. After a few days I phoned and was advised that it would be the 31st of October 2010 when the notificiations would go out. 31st October 2010 came and went then finally on 3 November the notifications arrived. 4 of my 9 entries have made it through to the short list. 3 in the Open Divison and 1 in the Creative Challenge Division. Yes this beading bunny is thrilled ... Good luck everybody.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Etage Boutique a new Outlet for SBJ

Exciting news for Social Butterfly Jewellery, a new outlet ! SBJ has found a new home for a custom range at Etage Boutique, 52 Tunstall Square, Doncaster East in Melbourne Australia. I must get busy straight away as this range is due in a week .. !

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Juxtaposed Jewels - A freestanding Cuff Design

Juxtaposed Jewels is my 4th entry to the Open Division of the Create-Your-Style Swarovski Australasian Contest and my 9th entry in total, as I have 5 entries in the Creative Challenge Division as well. I submitted this entry with 5 hours to spare before the contest ended, which was midnight last night. I had no intention of a 4th entry, time was running out, but despite this began fiddling with ideas and Juxtaposed Jewels was created. I spent the weekend, working on and off all day then late into the night. Beading continued on Monday and through Tuesday reworking and fiddling with the components. I snapped about 4 needles, snapped 6lb Fireline as I worked it through the crystals about a dozen times, popped only 1 bicone which I then had to replace. Then there was the design of the cuff clasp .. I eventually settled for one of my wire wrapped butterfly catches using gold filled wire and created a toggle clasp. The design is created entirely using Swarovski crystal elements, seed beads are not allowed to be used in the contest. This was such a challenge for me as I love to use seed beads. My option was to use Swarovski 2mm rounds & 3mm bicones as my 'seed beads' thus I was able to bezzel the (15) 18mm x 13mm Swarovski stones, plus the very large Article 1201, 27mm flat, faceted crystal round stone. I used so many colours in this design .. Montana, Siam, Pacific Opal, Morion AB2x, Erenite AB2x, Erenite, Emerald, Copper Crystal, Diorion, Silk, Light Peach, Fern, Chrysolite, Jet, Capri, Rose, Padparadscha, a Limited Edition Gold & Green, Violet, Vitrail Medium, Tanzanite, Aquamarine, Violet Opal, Fuschia, Indocolite and Silver Shade. I was so pleased with both Juxtaposed Jewels and Tubastrea (entry #3 in the Open Division) that I boldly submitted them to Bead&Button magazine as a possible for a future project/s within the pages of this illustrious magazine.
Copright 2010 Juxtaposed Jewel & Tubastrea Design - All Rights Reserved Melissa Ingram of Social Butterfly Jewellery.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Entry to the Australasian Swarovski Contest ? Yes, absolutely.

Since I submitted Tubastrea to the contest I have been fiddling with more design concepts. I have a large collection of Swarovski triangle crystal stones in emerald, Siam and Cardinal? Cardinal is a discontinued purple in the Swarovski range so the purple of these triangles will need to be investigated. Anyway back to the musing ..I am considering a cuff of some discription using big bold crystal stone shapes as I am only able to use Swarovski components, no seed beads this is a giant challenge everytime. I am also fiddling with RAW around tubing to create a fluid form but this is still only a 'mental picture'. I suppose watch this space, the competition closes at the end of August so time is drawing to a close to have entires submitted. I ordered a massive amount of Swarovski today so that I will have components on hand to use at whim (not that I don't have a giant inventory already lol). One Swarovski item of interest was 3mm bicones in the colour Morion AB 2x. A colour I am not familiar with and have not heard of until today; I am eager for them to arrive so that I can examine the true colour of them rather than a photograph from the internet. I suspect they will team with purple perfectly. Happy Beading x

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Tubastrea has been submitted as my third and final entry to the Create-Your-Style Australasian Swarovski Contest, Open Division. I am more than pleased with her, she is terrific and everything I visualised before I set to work to complete her. I will wear her out this weekend, to a cocktail party .. must build some earrings to match. This submission sees my entry tally at 8, 3 in the Open Division and 5 in the Creative Challenge Division.

Tubastrea has been created using right angle weave, woven Swarovski crystal pearls in 'Coral' and various other sized Swarovski crystals in 'Jet'. The closure is a series of ribbons that have been embellished with beading. This piece has been created entirely from Swarovski elements, there are no seed beads in this construction.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Final entry for the CYS Australasia Comp ?

I ask myself this as I completed 'Tubastreae' today .. What is Tubastreae ? She is a largely right angle weave woven neckpiece. I really, really like this piece and I would have to say that she is my finest work to date. I usually sit on a 'completed' piece for a few days before photographing or publishing as the design has to be completed in many ways. The 'resting' of a design as I like to call it is part of the creative process for me. Tubastreae has been created using only Swarovski elements in two colours Coral and Jet. Coral crystal pearls in various sizes and Jet crystal beads in various sizes and styles. Photographs of Tubastrae will follow once the design has 'rested'. Why call her Tubastrae.. well I wanted something to tie back to the colour Coral so whilst wandering the web I found this link which gives information all about Orange Sun Coral .. in Latin "Tubastrea faulkneri". I love this .. thus my entry to the Open Division of the Create-Your-Style Australasian competition was named. I do hope she is my last for this years competition, to date I have submitted (almost) 7 entries. I find competition entries exhausting as so very much goes into an entry physically, mentally, financially and creatively ..

Oriental Blossom

Oriental Blossom .. Handmade Beaded Cab set from Melissa Ingram.

I would have to say that bezzeling cabochons is one of my fav ways to bead. This particular set Oriental Blossom is one of a series that I am working on.
The cabs are all complete, it is just the beading part that requires completion. I create the cabs from the ground up .. that is I use a brass vessel, inset a special image, seal the image, let it dry .. then apply multiple layers of 2 part expoxy resin. The resin part is tedious as you have to 'babysit' the resin whilst it cures. That is keep checking on it, run a hair dryer over it to get the air bubbles to rise, popping each one with a pin. I even check them with a magnifying glass so as to get the best possible finish. I have to wait for each layer to cure before applying the next layer. After the last layer has cured I will match the beads to the particular image colour and bead away ... The reverse of the cabs are always sealed with ultrasuede and have my makers mark tag 'Social Butterfly' sewn into the beading.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Social Butterfly Jewellery and SRAJD

Melissa Ingram of Social Butterfly Jewellery is a proud SRAJD member.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Creative Challenge 'Goliath' and 'I See You' Cocktail Rings

Swarovski Bicone Cocktail Rings for the Creative Challenge Division

'I see you'


I wanted to submit a ring design for the Create-Your-Style Swarovski Creative Challenge. The challenge is to create a design using only Swarosvki bicones to a maximum of 200 bicones. Hmmm where to begin ..there in the bead stash were a few vintage 12mm Cardinal Swarovski bicones. By incorporating bicones of different sizes and colours I was able to not only create 'I see you' but also 'Goliath'. Both designs are yet to be submitted to the competition, but will be as soon as this blog update is done. Because of the bicones shape you really need to consider comfort for the wearer, so a bezel had to be created, again only bicones to be used .. no seed beads ugh. As a beadweaver first and foremost this is certainly a challenge for me. By weaving the various sized bicones together I was able to create an embellished bezel and right angle weave band. The sample's created are for display only and are created specifically for this contest. If I were to make them again I would use SoftTouch 'very fine' beading wire. This wire is my first choice as it is a brilliant product. The samples cocktail rings have been created with 6lb Fireline.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Polymer Clay Beaded Cameo Free Tutorial

Free tutorial for creating a polymer clay beaded cameo. I designed this project and wrote this tutorial for Australian Beading for the August 2009 edition.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pearls to knot or not to knot ..?

Because pearl beads are a relatively soft material (hardness of 3 on the Mohs hardness scale), it was recommended to limit the use of pearl beads to necklaces and earrings only. Rings and bracelets were considered not a good use for pearls because the abrasion due to wear can and will damage the pearl.

Pearl knotting with silk is by far the oldest method to string the pearls to form a necklace. With silk thread, you must knot the silk between each bead. The reason for these knots is that the silk thread is softer than the pearls, and will not damage the delicate necre. But the pearl beads will slowly but surely saw their way through the silk, causing the necklace to break. With the knotting, in the worst case, you will only lose one bead when the strand breaks. And it is for that reason that pearl necklaces be restrung every two years.

With the introduction of modern beading threads onto the market. Freshwater pearls can now be strung as necklaces or bracelets on beading thread. The beading thread must be flexible yet strong or it will suffer metal fatigue and break. The only brand that is recommended for stringing pearls is the Soft Flex Brand. The .019 size Soft Touch, which is a premium Soft Flex product. With freshwater pearl beads you will find that the .014 or even .010 size of Soft Touch will be required due to the small size of the holes drilled in freshwater pearl beads.

Now that there is a bead stringing product that will not break, this means that tying knots between each bead is now unnecessary. So when using Soft Flex, a knot is not necessary between each pearl bead. You merely string the beads, you can put a seed bead, crystal or other bead between them; the only consideration being that you need a good tension on your beading thread, this way there will be less movement between the components resulting in less wear on your pearls/components.

Beading threads .. what to use ?

Fireline is made of gel-spun polyethylene, an extremely strong fiber. Can be threaded on size 12 needles. Use Fireline in place of Nymo or Silamide thread when needle weaving crystals or other sharp-edged beads. Fireline is marketed by BeadSmith and comes in only two colours crystal and smoke. The smoke residue does come off on your fingers and hands, but as far as I am concerned this is no biggy. It comes in a 4lb, 6lb or 8lb size thread.

A relatively newcomer to the world of beading threads is WildFire. It is Beadalons' equivalent of BeadSmiths Fireline. However WildFire was created specifically for the bead weaving market; unlike Fireline that was taken from the fishing industry

I have not used WildFire to date, however from what I have learned from other beaders is that it is as good as Fireline, dare I say even better than Fireline? Unlike Fireline, WildFire when using black (yes they have a true black unlike Firelines' smoke). You do not end up with any residue on your fingers after beading with Wildfire.

WildFire is a great weight to work with, does not tangle, WildFire even feels softer yet still retains the non-stretch and water proofing qualities that Fireline boasts.

It has been tested against Fireline in how much effort it takes to get a crystal to saw through it, and the difference was indistinguishable.

It comes in black (a true black), a mossy green, and crystal.

Power Pro braided bead thread, this super strong, flexible, pre-waxed braided bead thread incorporates new age technology. Beadworkers and beadstringers will find that this new product feels and works better than the finest bead thread yet as strong as jewellery wire. Most beads will not cut this product. It knots easily and does not stretch. The 30lb test .011" diameter. Available in White. Even though this product calls itself 'pre-waxed' I always 're-wax' it.

Social Butterfly Jewellery

Promote your Page too

What wire to use for what projects..

The wire that you use for a particular project is as important as the design consideration. If you choose the wrong threading material you risk your design breaking or not lasting for as long as you had intended.

The weight of your design components is the clue as to what you should be using. For instance if you are working with gemstone beads or lots of large crystal beads/pendants you will want something that can hold a heavy design. Even the crimps that you may use will need to be considered.

Soft Flex wire is a superior beading wire, it is supple and even thin enough (.010 Very Fine) that you can even knot it, it also comes in a great range of colours. Soft Flex is availble in 4 diameters. I was able to make this crystal ring using .010 wire as I was able to tie knots and the wire makes the ring wearable due to its durability.


.010 Very Fine - Great for using small crystals, or other sharp beads, knotting, crocheting, weaving, embellishing and stringing small beads even seed beads (use 1x1mm crimps).

.014 Fine - Great for using with small beads or fresh water pearls (use 2x2mm crimps)

.019 Medium - Ideal as an all purpose wire, you can use it with smaller bicone crystals or small to medium gemstone beads etc (us 2x2mm crimps).

.024 Heavy - Perfect for abrasive beads such as large crystals, lampwork beads and large gemstone beads (use 2x3mm crimps).

Soft Flex comes in a great range of colours golden bronze, black, bone, white and satin silver. There is also a Metallics range antique brass and copper and a Extreme Range 24k gold and 925 Silver and lastly the Premium Satin Silver.

I have used the Soft Flex Heavy 925 silver for a project for Australian Beading (see pic) it has not yet been published but is waiting to be assigned to an edition. This wire is like supple silver wire, it looks like you are working with sterling silver however it holds up to 40lbs, can be crimped and is perfect for working with crystals. As these crystals are clear it was great that the colour of the wire is like sterling silver. It also comes in 24k gold. Soft Flex wire products are perfect for any beading project, for me they are first choice as they do not fail, and the range suits any conceivable design concept.

To see Soft Flexs' range of coloured wires follow this link:

If you like working with precious metal or base metal wires, there size is referred to as gauge, which is the diameter of the wire ie

14 - 16 gauge
Very thick wire, used as a frame or base for pieces that must hold their shapes such as cuff armateurs, frames or sculpture.
18 gauge
Thick wire used with beads with large holes, making clasps or in projects that require stiffness. Also used in chainmaking.
20 gauge
Good general purpose medium wire used for making findings such as headpins and small clasps.
22 gauge
A light medium wire used for wire wrapping semi-precious beads and making thicker earwires or thinner headpins.

Roxannes' Lace and Friends

Roxannes' Lace and Friends is a very special bead woven jewellery set that I have designed and created to raise funds for Mokutum Orphanage in Cairo, Egypt. My friend Nicky and her friend, Julia have done so much for this orphanage. The pair of them are really quite incredible. Together they are improving the lives of these orphans by providing them with a quality standard of living within their orphanage. By replacing and improving the run down house that they lived in, providing clothing, food, blankets, toys and medical expenses. They have done all this through donations and from their own pockets.

Roxannes' Lace & Friends will be raffled through Donburn Primary School, which is in Melbourne, Victoria's Eastern suburbs. The school will facilitate the raffle and it will be drawn on the last day of Term 3 at the school assembly, 17th September 2010.

I will also be selling raffle tickets on behalf of the school, so if you would like a raffle ticket/s please contact me at my email address Raffle tickets are $2 for 1 ticket or $5 for 6 tickets. A register of names & ticket stubb numbers of those who have bought tickets through me will be kept at the school. I want everybody to be assured that their tickets go into the draw. You can pay me via online direct debit, provide me with your mailing address and I will post you the ticket stubbs. I will also cover the cost of postage should the package need to be posted to you.
As a thank you to Donburn Primary School for facilitating the raffle and assisting with raising funds for HUGS. I will design and create another jewellery set for raffling in Term 4, all funds raised will be donated to the school.

I do hope you can support this worthy cause, you get this lovely set of handmade bead woven 'Social Butterfly' jewellery and you are helping kids who until Nicky and Julia stepped in had no hope at all, and I mean this in the true literal sense of no hope.

love Mel
Contact details for Donburn Primary School
Telephone 03 9841 8099
Address: Colchester Drive, Doncaster East 3109

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Roxanne's Lace

This necklace has taken the last couple of days to create, not including design thought. It will be raffled at my sons primary school, all proceeds will go to HUGS a not-for-profit-charity sponsored by my friend HUGGER Nicky Haywood and HUGGER Julia Christie. This orphanage houses children who are not orphans in the true sense of the word but orphaned in that nobody wants them. Sex outside of marriage is forbidden in Cairo, children born out of wedlock are discarded like trash and end up in orphanges like the one Nicky supports. Nicky is a Westerner living in Cairo, she spends her days caring for her own family as well as caring, supporting and raising funds for a particular orphange. Click the link you will find some beautiful faces of children in the Mokutum orphanage. Be a HUGGER ..

Nicky says "the Mokutum Orphanage has received two new babies, a little boy and a little girl – unrelated, left individually in the middle of the night on the steps of two different police stations. We are so thankful that whoever left these babies had the sense to leave them where they would be found. These two babies are just wee newborns, left still with their umbilical cords on. The situation of orphaned and abandoned children here in Egypt is dire, but thanks to YOU HUG is able to do something about it".

Monday, July 19, 2010

My website is now closed for business

I closed the website yesterday and will be offering my beaded jewellery, beads and beading kits in other ways. I will advise when all is confirmed.

Boudoir Beautiful Competition Update

Just had word from E-Beads that they are looking at the first round of Boudoir Beautiful finalists, finalists will be selected on the competition entry criteria first and then on originality, technique and whether they match the competition theme. Ok does this mean that if they don't there is a second round and so on ..stay tuned.

New Postcard for my Collection

Another interest of mine is collecting vintage or antique postcards, photos, magazines etc .. this sweet little lass is the latest addition to my collection it reads "May the Easter Sun Shine Brightly on you..!" It is from the 1800's, I collect images usually with butterflies featuring somewhere in the image.. hmm fancy that..

Margie Deeb .. the Goddess of Colour

Everything you need to know or understand or did not know you had to know about colour and jewellery design, you will find through Margie Deeb .. Goddess of Colour..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Social Butterfly Jewellery is on Facebook

Come and join Social Butterfly Fans on Facebook.

A Busy Butterfly ..

My website was closed down yesterday 16 July 2010. I have decided to market my beaded jewellery designs by other methods. I am on the waitlist (August 12, 2010) for a 'cube' at the Incube8r Gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne.
I will be opening up shop on to onsell beads, findings and other lovely bits as I have more beads than I will ever use in a life time. I have some of the most beautiful beads you will ever find, these have been sourced globally. I am mad about vintage and antique beads so you will find some really wonderful types of beads, buttons and stampings.
Also SBJ will be opening up a shop on which is like an Australian equivalient of I hope to have this up and running by the end of August.
Lastly I will checking out Magnolia Square in August to see if this might be a way forward for SBJ. Magnolia Square is like a 'pop up' market which is held around Australia. Magnolia Square have lots of sellers with a focus on handmade.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

2010 Boudoir Beautiful Competition - Midnight Mistress

It is becoming clearer and clearer that if you do not have a vast network of support you will fail to secure a seat on the Swarovski train to designer glory. Some entrants to this contest have in excess of 2000 votes, yet Midnight Mistress is struggling to reach 250 votes. I have exhausted every avenue of support. I really do feel that Midnight Mistress is a worthy entrant but how can one compete against an entrant with 2000+ votes. I do not know if a contest has successfully be carried out like this before, whereby a finalist is determined by the public popularity vote.

How can the playing field be viewed as a fair when the voters per each entry are an unknown quantity. For instance 'Butterfly' is sitting in first place of the Top Ten on the e-beads entry site with a 3.3 average. Yes this is a pretty necklace but by no means is it a first place entry, it is ordinary in every sense of the word. Yet it holds first place based on its count of votes and the quality of its votes, so I ask does the entrant have a vast network of supporters? I say yes. Butterfly captures absolutely none of the Boudoir Beautiful theme elements as stated in the contest pitch. Nor does 'Peacock Garden' with a vote count of 158 votes and a 2.7 average. Many hours and much skill have gone into the creation of this entry, but it is not following the theme.

The purse by Blair Scott has 251 votes and a 2.7 average, yes a great design but the central design does not even sit centrally on the purse? Avante Garde by Marta Brennan is a lovely design but again, by no means does it capture Boudoir Beautiful yet it has 1372 votes and a 2.9 average. Firecracker..? great design and colour choice but there is nothing Boudoir Beautiful about this design. Seriously am I the only one that is dissilluisoned by this contest .. I would love to hear your thoughts ..

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Midnight Mistress | Boudoir Beautiful UK

Midnight Mistress Boudoir Beautiful UK

2010 Boudoir Beautiful European Competition - Midnight Mistress

I am seeking your support for my recent entry into the 2010 Boudoir Beautiful European Competition. If you like Midnight Mistress and would like her to go live in the London Swarovski Gallery please give her a 5 star vote!

This competition is one that is some what different in that the entrant must promote their entry. Ten entries are selected based on their popularity which is determined by the votes and the vote average. No votes, no hope basically .. an odd way to run a competition and I am unsure if competitions have been run in this way before; and if so how successful? The judges then choose 7 entries who then go on to be a finalist. There are two other international websites for international non-speaking entrants entering this competition. If you like my entry and have 30 seconds to vote please visit the link .. may good karma follow you my friends.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Jewellery added to the website

Some examples of new jewellery that has been added to the website today.

Come and have a browse ... thanks and best wishes Mel

Another Swarovski Design Entry ...

Autumn Rose by Melissa Ingram
This piece is a wire wrapped (gold filled wire) using only Swarovski crystal bicones, there are 196 bicones in this design. This entry was submitted to the Creative Challenge section, you can only use bicones to a maximum of 200 crystals, any size. The piece is quite large and really nice to wear. I will include one of these with my up and coming beaded bridal range.

The Breast Cancer Journey ..

Last week I submitted my entry "The Breast Cancer Journey" to the Swarovski Crystal Design Beading Competition, Open Division.

This beaded pink silk breast cancer awareness ribbon was created to highlight the journey that each individual is forced to take once a breast cancer diagnosis has been received. My inspiration for this piece is my wonderful friend Jen, who had to take this journey last November, she has undergone multiple surgeries, painful treatments, sickness and terrible pain, test after test, hair loss and then adjusting to her physical self after all of these treatments. Treatments and surgeries that are still ongoing, but thank fully the cancer is gone but the havoc it slammed onto her has been just unimaginable.

I could not help Jen or really make a difference to her and her breast cancer journey, but she loves my beadwork as much as I do (she owns a truckload of Social Butterfly Jewellery all kept in their own special jewellery box!!) so I decided to honour her dignified but painful journey with this disease through my beadwork. Thus this silk beaded breast cancer ribbon was created.

Back in February 2010 I began the ribbon ...First I made the silk ribbon armature with the intent on beading it. I cut out the ribbon shape, included padding/wadding within and firm plastic to allow it to keep its shape. The first photograph is the very first attempt at beading the silk ribbon ... I absolutely hated it ! I then had to remove every bead! This left an awful mess on the fabric as I had used Fireline (a braided polyetheline beading thread) to sew on the crystals. Crystals can be very abrasive, so to prevent them breaking the thread and falling off I had to use expensive Fireline.

Also I did not like how I had finished the seam around the armature, it looked really amature. Hmmm what to do ... I cut out another ribbon and decided on recovering it and starting again. After doing this I remembered how difficult it was beading directly on the padded silk ribbon so why not bead onto something separate like an applique then sew it back on the ribbon later. That's it !!
I dug out an embroidery hoop from the studio and put in a piece of calico, drew directly onto the calico and started to bead .. perfect.
Once I had completed this beaded design I cut it out, placed the beaded applique carefully at the top, inside of the armature and sewed it into place. I then began to bead around the edges where I had attached the 'applique' and sewed scattered crystals all around the applique. I used Swarovski 2mm crystal beads in light rose and rose. I am a seed beader first and foremost so it is an ultimate challenge to create something with beads without using seed beads. I included a silk flower at the centre of the beaded applique, small Swarovski pearls adorn the centre of this silk flower.
Next how to embellish the pink ribbon ... I had been experimenting with making singed silk flowers and so I began cutting out petals from polyester (this is best in my opinion when it comes to singing the raw edges of fabric specifically for flowers). I am unsure how many actual petals that I have sewn onto this ribbon, but I can assure you it was alot. Each petal was sewn on using the Swarovski 2mm crystal beads. Petals have been sewn on front and back, basically all over the silk ribbon armature. Then the actual silk flowers were cut out, singed and placed together. I decided to use different shades of pink just to shake things up a little, plus I did not want them getting lost in a sea of light pink. Beneath the silk flowers are groups of beads in shades of green all sewn to reflect a beaded base for the flowers.
I then photographed it and submitted it to the competition. I am unsure what to do with the beaded silk ribbon once the competition is over.

.. 'orrible .. The beginning of the beaded applique.

The beaded applique in place on the ribbon. Hmmm this requires change ...

Yeah . that is a bit better ... Yes I am loving those silk flowers ...

Another change, change out of silk flower, removal of some crystals .... that's better ...

Friday, April 30, 2010

Box Hill Tafe, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Semester 2, view the Box Hill Tafe website, short course web page. Beading tuition (peyote) will be held as a short course. The class size will be limited to 18, so sign up quickly if you want to learn. I will be teaching the class.

Honeybee Handmade Art Cards

Honeybee Handmade Art Cards are no longer available ... I have discontinued the range and will focus on my jewellery and jewellery/beading tuition.

April 2010 edition of Australian Beading magazine

I am absolutely thrilled with this months edition (April 2010) (Australian Beading Vol 4. No 2) of Australian Beading. I initially submitted the peyote link earring design tutorial and photographs (Galaxy Gemdrops pg.22 to 25). Then the lovely Kelly (Editor) invited me to submit a project for the Master Class section of the magazine ..

(MasterClass pg. 68 to 71) this very beautiful bracelet was created using Delicas, a large 30mm Cosmic Ring in Golden Shadow, along with freshwater pearls, and a fabulous vintage abalone shell button. I cut this beautiful button from its original vintage button card, it is superb, they do not make them like this anymore that is for sure! Ladder stitch, herringbone and even count peyote are stitched to create this bracelet.

The vintage porcelain doll faces are showcased in the 'Treasure Chest' in this months magazine.

Happy Beading

Closure of Junk & Disorderly Shop

Sadly, Junk & Disorderly has had to close its doors for good, due to ongoing illness. Junk & Disorderly was the primary seller of my beaded jewellery here in Melbourne, Australia. Jen, the owner is thankfully on the road to recovery, following months of illness, multiple surgeries and chemotherapy.

My jewellery is now on sale at Ruby Tuesday Handmade Jewellery shop in Warrandyte. This magnificent gallery style shop is filled with beautiful handmade jewellery goodies. Several qualified jewellers are on site. The address is 90 Melbourne Hill Road, Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia. If you are in the area, drop in for a look see, tis lovely inside!

Hello Readers
Social Butterfly Jewellery (Jewelery as spelt by our American friends) was selected by making Jewelery Supplies this month to be its feature Blogger! Thanks

Jewelry Making Supplies

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vintage Porcelain Doll Faces

Social Butterfly Jewellery is offering for a limited time some very beautiful vintage bisque porcelain doll faces. These doll faces are each handpainted by the manufacturer and are about 40 years old. They have a flat back and are very light to hold. Postage is free and there are 6 face designs to choose from.

So if you're a beader wanting something unusual to bead, come and have a look at my website

Best wishes .. Mel

Honeybee Art Cards - Handmade Cards

Honeybee Art cards are gorgeous handmade cards created by yours truly. I am discontinuing them for the time being and am concentrating on my first love ... beads and beading.

My cards are still on sale at Junk & Disorderly in Warrandyte and recently a baby boutique Little Posh Shop 28 the Mezz, 148 Scarborough Beach Road, Mt Hawthorn which is in Perth, Western Australia.

Mobile Beading and Jewellery Making Tuition

It seems there are alot of visual learners out there who are eager to learn how to to do beading stitch techniques such as:

Herringbone and tubular herringbone stitch, with or without a foundation ladder row.
Ladder Stitch
Brick Stitch
Odd Count Peyote
Even Count Peyote
Tubular Peyote
Right Angle Weave
plus more ..... stringing, crimping, simple earrings.....etc

I am happy to share my knowledge and skills and look forward to any enquiries through my website

Bye for now Mel

Australian Beading Magazine


My association with Australian Beading magazine as a regular project article contributor now extends through to December 2010. Australian Beading is a bi-monthly beading magazine, showcasing beading trends, great beading websites to visit, Copycat Celebrity jewellery projects, polymer clay projects, metal clay projects and more plus projects from jewellery designers around Australia.
My projects can be found in these editions:
Australian Beading Vol 3. No 4.
August 2009
"Making Faces by Kelly Norton" Introducing Melissa Ingram. page 22.
"Perfectly Framed - Polymer Clay Wearable Art Frame Pendant by Melissa Ingram" page 46 -48.

Austrlian Beading Vol 3. No.5
October 2009
"Clever Cameo" by Melissa Ingram. page 78 - 81.

Australian Beading Vol 3. No.6
Birthstone Projects
December 2009
December -Tanzanite - "Pom Pom Ring" by Melissa Ingram. page 92 - 94.
Australian Beading
February 2010 - Lacey Briolette Earrings and a Swarovski Crystal Petal Ring - edition yet to be published.
Australian Beading
April 2010 - Peyote Link Earrings - edition yet to be published.
Projects currently being written include:
April 2010 - Master Class with Melissa Ingram - (title of the project yet to be determined), project article and sample have been completed.

June 2010 - Beading a Cabochon 101.

December 2010 - Beaded Foot Jewels.
I will be contributing to the August and October editions and editorial space has been reserved for projects yet to be written.
Happy Beading .. bye for now Mel