Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Australian Beading Magazine


My association with Australian Beading magazine as a regular project article contributor now extends through to December 2010. Australian Beading is a bi-monthly beading magazine, showcasing beading trends, great beading websites to visit, Copycat Celebrity jewellery projects, polymer clay projects, metal clay projects and more plus projects from jewellery designers around Australia.
My projects can be found in these editions:
Australian Beading Vol 3. No 4.
August 2009
"Making Faces by Kelly Norton" Introducing Melissa Ingram. page 22.
"Perfectly Framed - Polymer Clay Wearable Art Frame Pendant by Melissa Ingram" page 46 -48.

Austrlian Beading Vol 3. No.5
October 2009
"Clever Cameo" by Melissa Ingram. page 78 - 81.

Australian Beading Vol 3. No.6
Birthstone Projects
December 2009
December -Tanzanite - "Pom Pom Ring" by Melissa Ingram. page 92 - 94.
Australian Beading
February 2010 - Lacey Briolette Earrings and a Swarovski Crystal Petal Ring - edition yet to be published.
Australian Beading
April 2010 - Peyote Link Earrings - edition yet to be published.
Projects currently being written include:
April 2010 - Master Class with Melissa Ingram - (title of the project yet to be determined), project article and sample have been completed.

June 2010 - Beading a Cabochon 101.

December 2010 - Beaded Foot Jewels.
I will be contributing to the August and October editions and editorial space has been reserved for projects yet to be written.
Happy Beading .. bye for now Mel

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