Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tips for thread a beading needle 101

I almost exclusively work with various gauges of Fireline so I will start with this beading thread first. 6lb Fireline can and will fit through even a size 15/0 needle, but to do this first you must flatten the end of the Fireline, about the first 5cm approx. I used to do this using my teeth, as it was the most efficient and fastest way to do it. Then strange little grooves started appearing on my upper front and lower front teeth. After a very expensive repair to my pearly whites and a stern word from my dentist ‘don’t do it again!’ I no longer do this, I urge you not to do this as well. Fireline is braided polyethylene, it is very strong and abrasive to teeth, great for beading though.

I now start preparing the Fireline by first dragging the Fireline over my thumbnail, this gives me an initial flat surface. Lastly I drag it ever so gently over a closed pair of scissors (see Pic 03). Do it slowly otherwise you will fray the Fireline. If you do fray the Fireline cut that section off and start again. Place the flattened tip of the Fireline between your forefinger and thumb, ensure only the very tip of the Fireline is visible (see Pic 01). Hold it very firmly, take your needle and gently push it onto the Fireline (see Pic 02). The needle threads the Fireline, not the Fireline threads the needle. Practice threading this way and I am sure that you will master needle threading in no time. You do not need to drag the Fireline over the scissors if you are threading size 10/0 or 12/0 needles, the flattened tip with your thumbnail will be sufficient.

If you are threading a size 15/0 needle, best to thread it under a magnifying glass, with plenty of light and you will not strain your eyes this way.

I have been threading needles this way for a very long time now, but we all adapt in different ways to different tasks, so this is just a guide.  Happy Beading .. Mel

Pic 01

Pic 02

Pic 03

Sunday, November 13, 2011

SBJ and Australian Beading magazine

The Day Before Spring Necklace
I am thrilled to share with you my delight at having my design 'The Day Before Spring' necklace & project featured on the front cover of Australian Beading magazine Vol 5 No 5 (October 2011). This is such an amazing honour and my thanks go to Universal Magazines, Australian Beading Editor Kelly Nealon, her team and all the readers of this wonderful magazine. 

Several other designs and projects such as 'Vintage Venetian Ruffle Earrings' (my very first front cover); (pg. 56 Vol 1 No 5), 'Marcia's Lace' necklace (pg 75 Vol 5 No1), 'Pretty Peruvian Pacific Opal Bracelet' (pg. 23 Vol 5 No2) and a MasterClass project "Metallic Moody Blues Demi-Parure' (pg. 76 Vol 5 No 4) have all featured on the front cover of Australian Beading.

Vintage Venetian Ruffle Earrings
Pretty Peruvian Opal Bracelet
Marcia's Lace

Metallic Moody Blues Demi Parure

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh No..

Recently I saw a pair of earrings on my Facebook feed By Eliana Maniero and I really loved the design.  The photograph you see first is a cover picture tutorial of this design offered by Eliana and a link to her Etsy store
I have seen this sort of design before created by many other beaders but fashioned in different colours, materials etc but the fundamental of the design composition remained the same.  I wanted to create a version of this design without the tutorial simply because I did not want an exact 'copy' of the earring.  I felt I had enough beading knowledge to make my own version I did.

Eliana Maniero
SBJ's Beading Samples
The first beaded sample you see on the left is the first attempt.  I threaded 38 size 15 24k GP Charolottes, then added size 11 seed beads and 3mm bicones.  For the second sample I added the chain as an after thought as I did not like how the beaded band sat.  I was not sure how I would securely and attractively attach it to an earring finding, thus the chain was added.  The third version is what I really liked and then named the component 'Happy' purely because it looked like a happy little smile.  I excitedly put together the Happy Earring in gold then in silver, then made the necklace with lots of 'Happy' components joined by a single pearl in between.
Happy Earrings in Silver with a pearl
Happy Earrings in gold
Happy Necklace in Silver with pearls
I will take the silver version with me on holiday and specifically created them for a new maxi dress that I bought for our dinner at the Eiffel Tower this month in Paris.  As I was beading the matching necklace using the 'Happy' design, something was niggling me in the back of my mind.   Months and months ago I had previously bought an earring 'no wire' tutorial from Cynthia Newcomer Daniel?  Was the design similar ...Surely not.  I searched back through my emails as I had not even downloaded the tutorial that I had bought.  I should mention here that I have about 43 purchased tutorials from various beaders from around the world; plus 8 beading kits all of which remain unbeaded.  That is I have not attempted any of them.  (with the exception of Heather Collins 'Crawl Berries' tutorial which I am currently beading on and off).  I found Cynthia's email with the .pdf tutorial attachment but looking at Cynthia's design and then my own Happy design .. I surrendered to the fact that they were far too close for comfort. 

I have included a pic of Cynthia's earring tutorial cover and a link to her Etsy store JewelryTales
Cynthia Newcomer Danials 'No Wire' Tutorial Cover
I dearly wanted to share the design with the readers of Australian Beading magazine through a project tutorial but I feel I cannot as I am a beader with integrity and absolutely do not infringe the copyright of others designs.   Happy Beading  Mel

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Name Change?

Since moving to Brisbane from Melbourne this year I have struggled with being consistantly able to design and produce jewellery so much so that I in fact stopped supplying the Incube8r Gallery in Mosman, Sydney with my beadwork.  I had already stopped supplying the boutiques and shops that stocked my work in Melbourne once I left for Brisbane.  I still continue to write beading tutorials and articles for Australian Beading magazine.  With respect to my actual beading time I would say that I am experimenting with the various off loom beading stitches that I love.  I am pushing the limits of my beading abilities as far as possible as I want to ultimately expand my skill base and create more beautiful beadwork.

But this brings about another dilemma ... to change name or not?  For the last 4 years I have been building my Social Butterfly Jewellery name but alas I really feel the name no longer reflects what I do.  What I do is beadweaving and what I create is beadwork.  The new name that appeals to me is HONEYBEE's BEADWORK.  The name change requires much work and cost and so requires careful consideration. Such a dilemma.

Finished jewellery, beading kits, jewellery tutorials are available in my Etsy store.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lashed Lilly

Introducing 'Lashed Lily' a sinster name but not really .. the four slender shaped Swarovski Crystal Elements you see in this picture are referred to as Article 6904 - Lily Pendants. I have 'lashed' or rather tied two together to form this faux toggle clasp. An armature has been used to give the right angle woven neck strap shape, it is supple and light. Cyclamin Opal is the colour of the bicones and Silver Shade is the colour of the Swarovski Lily Pendants and the Cosmic Square (Article 4439). Crystal Powder Green is the colour of the Swarovski pearls, these are in various sizes. Seed beads, drops and cylinder beads used are Miyuki and Toho. The silver seed beads (size 11 & 15) that you see are quite expensive as they are sterling silver plated (matt silver). Time taken to create .. way too long in excess of 100 hours as I encountered design obstacle after design obstacle. What you see before you is nothing like I had visualised prior to commencing this piece. But it was the process of designing this piece that I had my 'That's it' Moment'. Watch this space for my new range ..

Latest News: This neckpiece is currently in the US awaiting second round judging in the Swarovski Jewelry category conducted by Fire Mountain Beads & Gems. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SBJ Floral Fascinators

I guess the notion to create these beaded fascinators has been sitting idle in my mind for a considerable length of time. Time being the only enemy against them actually being brought to life. So there I sat in my 'Bead Lounge' this long weekend here in Brisbane and set to work. I had previously bought the fabric and it was still sitting in the original plastic wrap complete with the faded shop receipt. I carefully cut each individual petal arranging them in size and shape.

Next I held each petal against a small flame, gently sealing the edge of each petal. The petals were then sewn one by one to a small section of beading foundation. The beaded Swarovski crystal fancy stones and rivolis to be used had previously had their bezels beadwoven so it was just a matter of attaching them, embellishing with seed beads and lastly attaching the alligator clips and brooch back to each bloom. I really enjoyed the process of making each one. They took considerable time to sew and perfect yet I have priced them very reasonably a mere $Au38 considering the time and materials used for each bloom. This first batch was sent (today) up to the Incube8r Gallery in Sydney I will make up another batch soon that will be available in my Etsy store. However I must prepare for this Thursday's professional photo shoot here in Brisbane. I have chosen selected certain pieces of my beadwork that I feel are my best work and I will use the images for marketing purposes. It should be alot of fun.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SBJ has had a 'That's It' moment!

I have been beading like a machine these past few weeks and while this pace does not dilute my love or indeed my addiction to beading it does take its toll on my eyes and my family life. We all know that there is more to life than sitting and beading .. but at times I find it incredibly hard to switch beading off and be a wife for my husband and mother to our two little boys. Then there are the meals to cook, school lunches to prepare, keeping the house clean & tidy, battle the ever large clothes monster in the laundry, chauffer the kids around, help the kids with reading and homework, grocery shopping and as most of you know the list of domestic chores is infinite... sigh....

But .. from this beading frenzy the "Melbournian" neckpiece was created and the soon to be complete 'Lashed Lilly' neckpiece was born. But the most wonderful aspect of this frenzy was a 'that's it' moment when an idea so great (well you think anyhoo) that it gives you such an intense feeling of joy. A feeling that only you and the idea share as you sit quietly together and just beam as you nut out the fiddly bits of the idea.

As soon as the 'Lashed Lilly' neckpiece is complete I will start work on this project as the range will be large ie many pieces it will not happen overnight nor indeed this month! I do hope to share this new as yet to be named bead woven range sometime later in the year. Happy Beading .. Mel

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Melbournian - A Beaded Tribute

As most of you know I recently (February 2011) had to leave my beloved city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to head north to Brisbane, which is the capital city of Queensland, Australia due to my husbands employment. It was with a heavy heart that I left this city .. here was where I felt at 'home' for the first time in my adult life and a place that was so cosmoplitan and happening that it really had everything to offer. Melbourne has been ranked in the Top Three most liveable cities since 2002 and I cannot agree more.

What is a Melbournian you might ask ....?? A Melbournian is a local person who resides in Melbourne, it is what us Australians do it would seem .. for example if you live in Perth, Western Australia you are a Sand Groper .. if you live in Darwin, Northern Territory you are a Territorian and so on and so forth. I am now a Queenslander, who lives in Brisvegas' (local term). Melbournian is a beaded tribute to Melbourne, my favourite Australian City and to Autumn my favourite Season. I enjoyed 6 Autumn's in Melbourne.

Melbournian came about after I was unable to complete what was to be my first Bead Dreams entry, due to time constraints, exhaustion and just a general overwhelming work load I could just not complete it in time. I parked it .... then returned to it a week or so later, undid what I had already beaded and began again .. this time on a totally different 'thread path' if you like. I have beaded parts of this, over and over .. trying to get the tension correct so that the symmetry of the curve that is evident in the SC Stone component of the focal was perfect.

The necklace straps are peyote beaded armatures, ie plastic tubing that I beaded around. I needed elements of the neckpiece straps to be strong and bold to tie in with the bold focal component of the neckpiece. The armatures where further embellished with herringbone, right angle weave and picot stitches. The focal sections of this neckpiece are comprised of 5 separate sections. The large embellished Swarovski Crystal stone focal has been created using 8 (18x13mm) stones, 3 65SS stones, 3mm & 4mm bicones, Toho, Czech and Miyuki seed and cylinder beads in sizes ranging from micro (size 16) through to size 15 to size 11.

The second component is the large Swarovski Crystal Cosmic Ring, this is the bridging element that suspends the three large Swarovski Crystal Navette Pendants who swing handsomely from their 'winged bails'. Winged bails are a design I created using peyote and herringbone to form the 'wings'. Navette 1 is a 30mm Navette, the centre is a 40mm Navette .. the third being another SC 30mm Navette.

Colours and Swarovski Elements (Beads & Stones), Seed Beads and Cylinder beads used in the construction of this large statement piece are vast and varied: The Swarovski Crystal Element colours are Golden Shadow, Crystal Coppper, Khaki, Khaki AB, Olivine, Diorion and Topaz. The Swarovski pearls are Cream. Swarovski Crystal Elements used are Cosmic Rings, Column Pendants, Rondelles, Navette Pendants, Bicones, Foiled stones and Briolettes. The seed beads are dark red these are micro beads, size 16 very tiny .. the tiniest I have worked with. Other seed beads include Toho faceted seed beads, Miyuki cylinder beads, Czech charlottes in a range of colours including green, matt green, bronze, gold and cream. Beadweaving stitches used to build this neckpiece include Even Count Peyote, Tubular Peyote, Herringbone, Tubular Herringbone, Right Angle Weave, Netting, Picot and Freeform.

The clasp of this neckpiece is quite clever (in my humble opinion) as it is in fact a 'faux toggle clasp'. It does not open like you would expect but is released via a magnetic closure that I have hidden beneath a skirt of right angle weave woven bicones and hammered seed beads. The toggle was created by weaving together two Swarovski Crystal barrettes, then hiding the join beneath further embellishment. The ring part of the Swarovski Crystal Toggle Clasp is a Swarovski Crystal Cosmic Ring.

The future for Melbournian is that I plan to keep her... she is to lovely to part with. I will however be making another more elaborate neckpiece using this design as a foundation but using an entirely different colour scheme that is yet to be decided. I will then submit it to the Swarovski Cyrstal Fire Mountain Gems competiton which opens later this year. Happy Beading.

All of these needles were harmed in the making of this neckpiece .. John James needles of whom I HAD (so past tense) a complete preference and bias to seriously let me down.

Note: the needle packets looked like this ! Top packet is what the back looks like with the statement "Packed and inspected in England using needles made in China to Entaco's quality and specification" Boo I say Entaco ... Boo ...

I purchased about 25 packets (about 625 needles!) of these needles in size 12 and 13 from only to discover that they were no longer made in England but were now only packaged in England and made in China ... nasty, cheap and downright frustrating needles to work with. They do not have any 'bend' ability, they cannot cope with tight thread passes and will break into more than one piece! I will reserve the use of these needles to simple beadwoven exercises were there is not any need for pressure or force. I am told by Carol Dean Sharpe of Sandfibres that Ponies and Tulip needles are the best ... I will investigate these needles and source them immediately!

PSS This is what my bead station number 2 looks like after Melbournian was completed .. I have two work stations within my 'Beading Lounge' aka Mad Womans Den. Better get busy and tidy up for the next beading session ...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh where is my beading mojo hiding..

Mid February saw us, that is me and my family which consists of two little boys, two Cavoodle dogs and one husband, 4 and a half sea containers full of possessions, not to mention 32 boxes of beads and beading/craft room things, 3 cars and 1 motorbike uplift and head north to sunny Brisbane. The move was due to my husbands employment with a large mining company, they had estabslished a head office of sorts in Brisbane and my husband the now General Manager had to go, so go we did. We spent 5.5 beautiful years in Melbourne, prior to that it was Perth, but my heart will always be in Melbourne. I am a cold weather bunny and love a winter wardrobe and cool days.. there was nothing I did not like about Melbourne .. oh maybe except the traffic congestion!! Brisbane has a winter but not as freezing as a Melbourne winter I have noted. Brisbane summers are hot and steamy, steamy and sweaty is not a feeling I like so much. Still, we have to look at things with a positive note and I am surrendering to this relocation albeit slowly. My beading mojo has seriously been affected by the relocation and I am not entirely sure why. We have been here three months and except for a couple of pairs of earrings and a couple of kits I have not completed anything. I commenced work on my Bead Dreams entry but did not complete it and I have been fiddling with it ever since. I bead parts of it .. hate it and then undo it all .. tis maddening... In this house I have a dedicated beading room, known fondly now as the little beading lounge. I have two huge built in cupboards to store all of my equipment in, shelving for beads and no carpets to loose beads in, yet still the mojo justs drifts in and drifts out. Please come back Melly's mojo ... I am missing you...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

SBJ is now located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

SBJ has recently relocated from Melbourne, Victoria to Brisbane, Queensland. Whilst we are settling into Queensland life ...I really only have had time for completing a few beading kits as most of my bead stash is still sitting in storage whilst we wait to get into our new home.

All outlets that previously stocked SBJ in Victoria have been closed up, only Incube8r Gallery in Mosman, Sydney stocks SBJ.

Ruby Red Beaded Bead Earrings a free tutorial

This free tutorial features matching beaded earrings for the Entwined Ruby Red Bracelet that I previously blogged. Just click on the Blog title and this will take you to the .pdf file. Enjoy.

Cheers Mel

Entwined Ruby Red Bracelet

A free tutorial to create a simple 'Entwined Ruby Red Bead Bracelet' .. just click on the Blog title link and it will take you to the .pdf document. If you love the Ruby Red beads I do still have some available, just convo me at if you would like some. They are vintage West German new 'old stock' from the 1940's they have a lovely sparkle and are a true Ruby Red. Happy Beading.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Create-Your-Style Swarovski - Creative Challenge Awards

Well folks the Creative Beading magazine is in the newstands and the finalists have been announced. My only entry, Sienna Rose for the Creative Challenge was selected and sits at 7th place of which I am thrilled about. This was the first year for the Creative Challenge Division and my first time as an entrant into this competition. Several fellow beading buddies had their entries selected as finalists and place holders in the Top Ten and I am so happy for them as well. In fact a big 'Well Done' goes out to all the entrants of the Creative Challenge Division.
The Youth Division was announced also, well done to all those entrants and congratulations to Nicholas Player who won not only first place but placed 5th as well! His brother Matthew's entry was second, no doubt their will be beading rivalry between the two over their wins. Their mum Melissa Player is also a beader... thus beading must run in the family. Well done to the Player family as they all were winners.
Along with my many articles and tutorials in the Australian Beading magazine With this placing Social Butterfly Jewellery is now both a published and awarded jewellery designer.

A Journal of a Commissioned Piece of Jewellery

   I decided to create a journal type blog demonstrating the process of creating a jewellery commission as a means to offer insight into how SBJ might undertake such a task. I selected Judith for my journal, not only did I like her non traditional approach to her impending marriage but what was truly a blessing was that she knew exactly what she wanted and together we created a wonderful heirloom piece for her to wear on her wedding day.
This was Judith's second wedding and as such she steered away from traditional colours and gowns. Judith's wedding gown of choice was the most beautiful peacock teal blue slim fitting floor length dress, plunging neckline with a feature twisted knot, such a simple and elegant choice. I suggested one of my Bermuda Blue, Swarovski Article 4127, size 30X22mm with a gunn metal foiled backed stone as a start.
Judith loved the different flashes of colour, she and I both felt that this would be the focal for the simple necklace design. I fiddled with a few Swarovski bicone colours, matching and thinking out loud, we finally agreed that the Swarovski Metallic Blue AB 2x was the perfect match for this magnificent focal stone along with Miyuki Delicas DBR 42 and gold seed beads. I sketched up an idea so that Judith was able to see visually what I had in mind.

The original idea was to have the focal stone surrounded by graduated Swarovski rounds in sizes 4mm through to 8mm. The design had to be redesigned and requoted due to nil availability of Swarovski rounds in Metallic Blue AB 2x. Due to my inability to source these particular beads we opted to use Swarovski, Metallic Blue AB 2x in 3mm bicones. I ordered a full factory pack of these bicones and had to wait a fortnight or so before the beads arrived as they were a special order from Austria. The lovely Heidi from Harmony Beads in Balwyn, Melbourne orders beads on my behalf, love her for that! Whilst I was scouring the internet for further bead options for Judith I happened to come across some lovely Swarovski stones Article 4610, 14mmx10mm in Bermuda Blue and Article 4470, 12mm in Metallic Blue, these were acquired from the States.
I met with Judith again to discuss the bead finds and drew up another sketch, placing the beads on the sketch book over the sketched design so that Judith could decide which beads she wanted, Judith choose the rectangles ie Article 4610 in Bermuda Blue in a 'portrait' orientation.
The design was to be a bead woven focal, embellished with bicones, the two rectangle stones were also to be bead woven and all strung together with bicones and Delicas as the necklace strap. A simple button clasp was agreed upon, this was to be netting stitch using Delicas and gold, hammered Charlottes. The button was to be a most beautiful vintage & discontinued Swarovski Article, 16mm, Bead in Bermuda Blue (also from the States).

I wanted to include Judith as much as possible with the creation process so as each component was beaded I sent her an email with photographs. When you are commissioned to create something special for a wedding. You are essentially being included in a significant and emtional personal event. I put an incredible amount of time, effort and energy to ensure that the piece created is exactly what the client wants. It is not only important to produce your best work but also to produce it on time.

I ended up beading two large focal stones, with two embellished options. I understood that Judith did not want anyting 'frilly or over the top', she is just not that sort of gal. I knew as soon as had completed Option 1, that she would not like it so I beaded Option 2 which was bicones beaded horizontal to the focal stone, then further beaded with a size 15/0 Czech Charlotte. This particular batch of Czech 15/0's need a special mention in themselves as they were just awful to work with, the plating kept peeling off, revealing an ugly black bead. I had to bead the focal stone for the necklace at least 4 times before I was happy with the result, examining every bead under the magnifyer before sewing it on. A new order of Czech 15/0's arrived in time through the Post and I was able to finish the commission with the new batch.

As expected Judith chose Option 2, so work continued. The next hurdle was to see what option Judith would like for the beaded rectangle stones... to embellish or not to embellish, again as expected she choose the embellished version. The photograph below demonstrates the two versions.

Judith collected her necklace yesterday and was thrilled with the result. Judith had been earlier that day and despite my measurements the necklace was not quite long enough, so a quick rebead with the addition of more beads and it was a perfect fit. Judith arrived, tried on the necklace and announced... I love it! Music to my ears... another happy customer.
Technical beading information: I used Beadsmith's new product 'Ultracast Invis-Braid in translucent 6lb for most of the design and Fireline, Crystal 6lb for parts of the design such as the points between the focal stone and the rectangle stones. Fireline was no good for the necklace strand part of the necklace as the 'drape' of straps was too stiff and rigid, the Invisi-Braid offered such a wonderful fluid like drape that proved a perfect choice. Peyote stitch was used to bead the focal stones I beaded those with Delicas DBR 42 size 11/0, Metallic 24k gold plate Charolottes size 15/0, Czech Charlottes size 15/0. The Metallic 24k gold plate Charlottes had a single hammered facet which added further sparkle, dimension and interest to the piece. I used a combination of peyote and netting stitch to form the clasp.
I have been including a makers mark on most of my work for sometime now... probably a little hard to see, but it is an oval shaped tag with 'Social Butterfly' engraved. Lower left on the large stone.
Private commissions for your individual jewellery desires are most welcome. Commissions can be achieved regardless of your location.

Recently Judith kindly sent me these photographs of her special day and with Judith's and her photographer Colyn Huber, Lovegreen Photography's permission.  I was able to share these photographs with you as well.  Congratulations to you and your new husband Judith!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

SBJ now at Incube8r Gallery, Mosman, Sydney, Australia

Social Butterfly Jewellery has a 'cube' at the latest Incube8r Gallery in Mosman, Sydney since December 2010. My cube contains a range of my beaded jewellery, all of which is available for sale. I will be dispatching a new range of jewellery to restock my 'cube' within the next week or so.

UPDATE: New stock has been dispatched and is now available at the Incube8r Gallery... there are 21 new items of beaded jewellery inside my cube. Check out the Gallery if you are living in Mosman or anywhere in Sydney. Shop handmade and support handmade artists. They will love you for it..

The Beadsmith 'Spider Wire' Ultracast Invisi-Braid - Translucent - A REVIEW

I got myself a 6lb, 50 yard spool of this beading thread to give it a go and all I can say is WOW, this beading thread is everything it claims. It is a new product from Beadsmith. Its trade name is Ultracast Invisi-Braided Bead Thread. With patented translucency technology this makes this beading thread the nearest thing to clear and invisible, yes really it does! It's stronger, smoother, and much more durable than other braided line available, while still amazingly thin! This thread features Dyneema® GSP fibers that have patented translucency for near invisibility. Thus it has extremely high strength per diameter will still amazingly thin and sensitive I have found it exceptional when useing sharp edged beads, such as crystal. This beading thread feels more like Nymo or Silamide, it is thread like, if you know what I mean.

Two things bothered me about this product, but they are not major. It threads onto your needle more like Nymo than Fireline, that is tiny threads separate at the cut end. That is the other niggle, the beading thread is difficult to cut, you need super sharp scissors or blade to cut it. Everytime I cut the thread I was left with a ragged edge, unlike Fireline.

It comes in two sizes, just like Fireline Size .005" (.10mm) - 6lb - 50yd spool and a Size .006" (.18mm) - 8lb - 50yd spool.

However the upshot of my thoughts on this product is that I will continue to use this thread for most of my beading projects. I love it.