Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tips for thread a beading needle 101

I almost exclusively work with various gauges of Fireline so I will start with this beading thread first. 6lb Fireline can and will fit through even a size 15/0 needle, but to do this first you must flatten the end of the Fireline, about the first 5cm approx. I used to do this using my teeth, as it was the most efficient and fastest way to do it. Then strange little grooves started appearing on my upper front and lower front teeth. After a very expensive repair to my pearly whites and a stern word from my dentist ‘don’t do it again!’ I no longer do this, I urge you not to do this as well. Fireline is braided polyethylene, it is very strong and abrasive to teeth, great for beading though.

I now start preparing the Fireline by first dragging the Fireline over my thumbnail, this gives me an initial flat surface. Lastly I drag it ever so gently over a closed pair of scissors (see Pic 03). Do it slowly otherwise you will fray the Fireline. If you do fray the Fireline cut that section off and start again. Place the flattened tip of the Fireline between your forefinger and thumb, ensure only the very tip of the Fireline is visible (see Pic 01). Hold it very firmly, take your needle and gently push it onto the Fireline (see Pic 02). The needle threads the Fireline, not the Fireline threads the needle. Practice threading this way and I am sure that you will master needle threading in no time. You do not need to drag the Fireline over the scissors if you are threading size 10/0 or 12/0 needles, the flattened tip with your thumbnail will be sufficient.

If you are threading a size 15/0 needle, best to thread it under a magnifying glass, with plenty of light and you will not strain your eyes this way.

I have been threading needles this way for a very long time now, but we all adapt in different ways to different tasks, so this is just a guide.  Happy Beading .. Mel

Pic 01

Pic 02

Pic 03

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