Sunday, November 13, 2011

SBJ and Australian Beading magazine

The Day Before Spring Necklace
I am thrilled to share with you my delight at having my design 'The Day Before Spring' necklace & project featured on the front cover of Australian Beading magazine Vol 5 No 5 (October 2011). This is such an amazing honour and my thanks go to Universal Magazines, Australian Beading Editor Kelly Nealon, her team and all the readers of this wonderful magazine. 

Several other designs and projects such as 'Vintage Venetian Ruffle Earrings' (my very first front cover); (pg. 56 Vol 1 No 5), 'Marcia's Lace' necklace (pg 75 Vol 5 No1), 'Pretty Peruvian Pacific Opal Bracelet' (pg. 23 Vol 5 No2) and a MasterClass project "Metallic Moody Blues Demi-Parure' (pg. 76 Vol 5 No 4) have all featured on the front cover of Australian Beading.

Vintage Venetian Ruffle Earrings
Pretty Peruvian Opal Bracelet
Marcia's Lace

Metallic Moody Blues Demi Parure

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