Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh No..

Recently I saw a pair of earrings on my Facebook feed By Eliana Maniero and I really loved the design.  The photograph you see first is a cover picture tutorial of this design offered by Eliana and a link to her Etsy store
I have seen this sort of design before created by many other beaders but fashioned in different colours, materials etc but the fundamental of the design composition remained the same.  I wanted to create a version of this design without the tutorial simply because I did not want an exact 'copy' of the earring.  I felt I had enough beading knowledge to make my own version I did.

Eliana Maniero
SBJ's Beading Samples
The first beaded sample you see on the left is the first attempt.  I threaded 38 size 15 24k GP Charolottes, then added size 11 seed beads and 3mm bicones.  For the second sample I added the chain as an after thought as I did not like how the beaded band sat.  I was not sure how I would securely and attractively attach it to an earring finding, thus the chain was added.  The third version is what I really liked and then named the component 'Happy' purely because it looked like a happy little smile.  I excitedly put together the Happy Earring in gold then in silver, then made the necklace with lots of 'Happy' components joined by a single pearl in between.
Happy Earrings in Silver with a pearl
Happy Earrings in gold
Happy Necklace in Silver with pearls
I will take the silver version with me on holiday and specifically created them for a new maxi dress that I bought for our dinner at the Eiffel Tower this month in Paris.  As I was beading the matching necklace using the 'Happy' design, something was niggling me in the back of my mind.   Months and months ago I had previously bought an earring 'no wire' tutorial from Cynthia Newcomer Daniel?  Was the design similar ...Surely not.  I searched back through my emails as I had not even downloaded the tutorial that I had bought.  I should mention here that I have about 43 purchased tutorials from various beaders from around the world; plus 8 beading kits all of which remain unbeaded.  That is I have not attempted any of them.  (with the exception of Heather Collins 'Crawl Berries' tutorial which I am currently beading on and off).  I found Cynthia's email with the .pdf tutorial attachment but looking at Cynthia's design and then my own Happy design .. I surrendered to the fact that they were far too close for comfort. 

I have included a pic of Cynthia's earring tutorial cover and a link to her Etsy store JewelryTales
Cynthia Newcomer Danials 'No Wire' Tutorial Cover
I dearly wanted to share the design with the readers of Australian Beading magazine through a project tutorial but I feel I cannot as I am a beader with integrity and absolutely do not infringe the copyright of others designs.   Happy Beading  Mel

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  1. Hello i'm Eliana Maniero, I came to your blog via etsy and realizing that many visitors to my shop came through your blog and I came to look....
    Beautiful ... I read your post, I like to see how different people, with basic, medium beading techniques can achieve similar results even without "malice" by making ideas already seen but maybe trying to suggest something quite personal. I, too, to make the pattern of Bholliwood, and as I wrote on my blog, I went from basic technique used for earrings Hoops by an american beader and having in mind a specific outcome, an earring that I saw in a movie Bholliwood we've worked on, enlarging, extending, putting the two side stems, bicones and arches adding beads ... so trying to get to what I wanted .... and undone several times!
    If I had to "discover" that some other beaders have done something we would stay the same before me very badly, having worked with a distinct ethic of fairness.
    Nice to your post, very interesting, the readers can understand how make a truly "new" creation (and I put quotation marks around the word "new" because I think oramaiin this field have seen so many variations, alterations, we can reassemble it really new invent very little)
    Good idea....
    sorry for my bad english.... :(