Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SBJ Floral Fascinators

I guess the notion to create these beaded fascinators has been sitting idle in my mind for a considerable length of time. Time being the only enemy against them actually being brought to life. So there I sat in my 'Bead Lounge' this long weekend here in Brisbane and set to work. I had previously bought the fabric and it was still sitting in the original plastic wrap complete with the faded shop receipt. I carefully cut each individual petal arranging them in size and shape.

Next I held each petal against a small flame, gently sealing the edge of each petal. The petals were then sewn one by one to a small section of beading foundation. The beaded Swarovski crystal fancy stones and rivolis to be used had previously had their bezels beadwoven so it was just a matter of attaching them, embellishing with seed beads and lastly attaching the alligator clips and brooch back to each bloom. I really enjoyed the process of making each one. They took considerable time to sew and perfect yet I have priced them very reasonably a mere $Au38 considering the time and materials used for each bloom. This first batch was sent (today) up to the Incube8r Gallery in Sydney I will make up another batch soon that will be available in my Etsy store. However I must prepare for this Thursday's professional photo shoot here in Brisbane. I have chosen selected certain pieces of my beadwork that I feel are my best work and I will use the images for marketing purposes. It should be alot of fun.

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