Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SBJ has had a 'That's It' moment!

I have been beading like a machine these past few weeks and while this pace does not dilute my love or indeed my addiction to beading it does take its toll on my eyes and my family life. We all know that there is more to life than sitting and beading .. but at times I find it incredibly hard to switch beading off and be a wife for my husband and mother to our two little boys. Then there are the meals to cook, school lunches to prepare, keeping the house clean & tidy, battle the ever large clothes monster in the laundry, chauffer the kids around, help the kids with reading and homework, grocery shopping and as most of you know the list of domestic chores is infinite... sigh....

But .. from this beading frenzy the "Melbournian" neckpiece was created and the soon to be complete 'Lashed Lilly' neckpiece was born. But the most wonderful aspect of this frenzy was a 'that's it' moment when an idea so great (well you think anyhoo) that it gives you such an intense feeling of joy. A feeling that only you and the idea share as you sit quietly together and just beam as you nut out the fiddly bits of the idea.

As soon as the 'Lashed Lilly' neckpiece is complete I will start work on this project as the range will be large ie many pieces it will not happen overnight nor indeed this month! I do hope to share this new as yet to be named bead woven range sometime later in the year. Happy Beading .. Mel

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