Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lashed Lilly

Introducing 'Lashed Lily' a sinster name but not really .. the four slender shaped Swarovski Crystal Elements you see in this picture are referred to as Article 6904 - Lily Pendants. I have 'lashed' or rather tied two together to form this faux toggle clasp. An armature has been used to give the right angle woven neck strap shape, it is supple and light. Cyclamin Opal is the colour of the bicones and Silver Shade is the colour of the Swarovski Lily Pendants and the Cosmic Square (Article 4439). Crystal Powder Green is the colour of the Swarovski pearls, these are in various sizes. Seed beads, drops and cylinder beads used are Miyuki and Toho. The silver seed beads (size 11 & 15) that you see are quite expensive as they are sterling silver plated (matt silver). Time taken to create .. way too long in excess of 100 hours as I encountered design obstacle after design obstacle. What you see before you is nothing like I had visualised prior to commencing this piece. But it was the process of designing this piece that I had my 'That's it' Moment'. Watch this space for my new range ..

Latest News: This neckpiece is currently in the US awaiting second round judging in the Swarovski Jewelry category conducted by Fire Mountain Beads & Gems. 

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  1. Your jewelry is a masterpiece!