Monday, August 16, 2010

Oriental Blossom

Oriental Blossom .. Handmade Beaded Cab set from Melissa Ingram.

I would have to say that bezzeling cabochons is one of my fav ways to bead. This particular set Oriental Blossom is one of a series that I am working on.
The cabs are all complete, it is just the beading part that requires completion. I create the cabs from the ground up .. that is I use a brass vessel, inset a special image, seal the image, let it dry .. then apply multiple layers of 2 part expoxy resin. The resin part is tedious as you have to 'babysit' the resin whilst it cures. That is keep checking on it, run a hair dryer over it to get the air bubbles to rise, popping each one with a pin. I even check them with a magnifying glass so as to get the best possible finish. I have to wait for each layer to cure before applying the next layer. After the last layer has cured I will match the beads to the particular image colour and bead away ... The reverse of the cabs are always sealed with ultrasuede and have my makers mark tag 'Social Butterfly' sewn into the beading.

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