Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Entry to the Australasian Swarovski Contest ? Yes, absolutely.

Since I submitted Tubastrea to the contest I have been fiddling with more design concepts. I have a large collection of Swarovski triangle crystal stones in emerald, Siam and Cardinal? Cardinal is a discontinued purple in the Swarovski range so the purple of these triangles will need to be investigated. Anyway back to the musing ..I am considering a cuff of some discription using big bold crystal stone shapes as I am only able to use Swarovski components, no seed beads this is a giant challenge everytime. I am also fiddling with RAW around tubing to create a fluid form but this is still only a 'mental picture'. I suppose watch this space, the competition closes at the end of August so time is drawing to a close to have entires submitted. I ordered a massive amount of Swarovski today so that I will have components on hand to use at whim (not that I don't have a giant inventory already lol). One Swarovski item of interest was 3mm bicones in the colour Morion AB 2x. A colour I am not familiar with and have not heard of until today; I am eager for them to arrive so that I can examine the true colour of them rather than a photograph from the internet. I suspect they will team with purple perfectly. Happy Beading x

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