Thursday, August 19, 2010


Tubastrea has been submitted as my third and final entry to the Create-Your-Style Australasian Swarovski Contest, Open Division. I am more than pleased with her, she is terrific and everything I visualised before I set to work to complete her. I will wear her out this weekend, to a cocktail party .. must build some earrings to match. This submission sees my entry tally at 8, 3 in the Open Division and 5 in the Creative Challenge Division.

Tubastrea has been created using right angle weave, woven Swarovski crystal pearls in 'Coral' and various other sized Swarovski crystals in 'Jet'. The closure is a series of ribbons that have been embellished with beading. This piece has been created entirely from Swarovski elements, there are no seed beads in this construction.

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