Monday, August 16, 2010

Final entry for the CYS Australasia Comp ?

I ask myself this as I completed 'Tubastreae' today .. What is Tubastreae ? She is a largely right angle weave woven neckpiece. I really, really like this piece and I would have to say that she is my finest work to date. I usually sit on a 'completed' piece for a few days before photographing or publishing as the design has to be completed in many ways. The 'resting' of a design as I like to call it is part of the creative process for me. Tubastreae has been created using only Swarovski elements in two colours Coral and Jet. Coral crystal pearls in various sizes and Jet crystal beads in various sizes and styles. Photographs of Tubastrae will follow once the design has 'rested'. Why call her Tubastrae.. well I wanted something to tie back to the colour Coral so whilst wandering the web I found this link which gives information all about Orange Sun Coral .. in Latin "Tubastrea faulkneri". I love this .. thus my entry to the Open Division of the Create-Your-Style Australasian competition was named. I do hope she is my last for this years competition, to date I have submitted (almost) 7 entries. I find competition entries exhausting as so very much goes into an entry physically, mentally, financially and creatively ..

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