Saturday, August 14, 2010

Creative Challenge 'Goliath' and 'I See You' Cocktail Rings

Swarovski Bicone Cocktail Rings for the Creative Challenge Division

'I see you'


I wanted to submit a ring design for the Create-Your-Style Swarovski Creative Challenge. The challenge is to create a design using only Swarosvki bicones to a maximum of 200 bicones. Hmmm where to begin ..there in the bead stash were a few vintage 12mm Cardinal Swarovski bicones. By incorporating bicones of different sizes and colours I was able to not only create 'I see you' but also 'Goliath'. Both designs are yet to be submitted to the competition, but will be as soon as this blog update is done. Because of the bicones shape you really need to consider comfort for the wearer, so a bezel had to be created, again only bicones to be used .. no seed beads ugh. As a beadweaver first and foremost this is certainly a challenge for me. By weaving the various sized bicones together I was able to create an embellished bezel and right angle weave band. The sample's created are for display only and are created specifically for this contest. If I were to make them again I would use SoftTouch 'very fine' beading wire. This wire is my first choice as it is a brilliant product. The samples cocktail rings have been created with 6lb Fireline.

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