Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Roxanne's Lace

This necklace has taken the last couple of days to create, not including design thought. It will be raffled at my sons primary school, all proceeds will go to HUGS a not-for-profit-charity sponsored by my friend HUGGER Nicky Haywood and HUGGER Julia Christie. This orphanage houses children who are not orphans in the true sense of the word but orphaned in that nobody wants them. Sex outside of marriage is forbidden in Cairo, children born out of wedlock are discarded like trash and end up in orphanges like the one Nicky supports. Nicky is a Westerner living in Cairo, she spends her days caring for her own family as well as caring, supporting and raising funds for a particular orphange. Click the link you will find some beautiful faces of children in the Mokutum orphanage. Be a HUGGER ..

Nicky says "the Mokutum Orphanage has received two new babies, a little boy and a little girl – unrelated, left individually in the middle of the night on the steps of two different police stations. We are so thankful that whoever left these babies had the sense to leave them where they would be found. These two babies are just wee newborns, left still with their umbilical cords on. The situation of orphaned and abandoned children here in Egypt is dire, but thanks to YOU HUG is able to do something about it".

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