Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Soutache Embroidery - Covering the back!

Whilst working with Soutache (my second love behind beadwork) I discovered a neat way of finishing the back area of your Soutache piece's. I like the back to look tidy and professional. I've called it the MI Method!
Step 1
Remove as much excess Soutache tails as possible, the less bulk the better.  Pin on a piece of tracing paper or baking paper, over the area to be concealed, ensure you press down and capture the folds of the Soutache.  Using a marker, draw the out the area to be concealed. See Step 1. 
Note: The surface area is increased by the folds of the Soutache tail bulk, this must be factored in when preparing the template.

Step 2
Remove the pins and cut the template out, not to the marker line, just roughly around the template. See Step 2.  

Step 3
Pin the template to your section of UltraSuede or Leather (or whatever it is that you prefer to work with).  I have pinned my template to UltraSuede (see Step 3).  Cut out the template.  Lay it carefully onto the area to be concealed.  I like to find a particular area on the Soutache piece to lay the UltraSuede onto first.  In this sample I have started at the top (see Step 4). 
Step 4
I use Loctite glue for my Soutache work as it adhere's immediately. Ensure that you glue and press the UltraSuede into the folds of the Soutache tails (this part is important!).

Step 5
Using a pair of small sharp scissors, carefully snip the excess away from the Soutache perimeters of the area to be concealed (see Step 5).  Do this slowly and carefully, adding dots of Loctite to the area to be glued, pressing down to ensure adhereance, then moving onto the next area.

Step 6
Using the MI Method I have been able to proudly finish the back area of my Soutache pieces to a professional standard (see Step 6). 


  1. I would expect nothing less from you Melissa ;) Thanks for those tips.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! It was very useful. I'd like to try to cover the back of my works with leather rather than suede. But I cannot find the leather anywhere online (less than 1 mm thick). Do you have any good suggestions on where to find it?