Sunday, December 29, 2013

Goodbye 2013 ... Hello 2014

2013 for me will be remembered as a year that was not particular eventful in terms of my beading.
Unlike 2012 I was spectacularly silent in terms of beading. 
Ok .. so having said that I was a finalist with both Arabesque Armour and The Jewelled Net of Indra at the 2013 Bead Dreams contest.  Then my bead embroidered neck piece, 'Drama Queen' came 2nd in the British Bead Awards.  I was delighted with those achievements.

Drama Queen
2nd Place. 2012 British Bead Awards
Beaded Jewelry Category
Marcia DeCoster's 2nd book 'Beads In Motion' was published and included in the Gallery of this magnificent beading book is my design 'Hepzibah's Pendulum' neck piece (pg. 121).  The neck piece includes an actual moving pendulum which required significant engineering for it to actually swing. I dearly thank Marcia for the opportunity.
I withdrew from beading as far back as May and not because it was a conscious decision to step away but rather because other parts of my life required my attention.   
Inspiration and my meddling muse however, did not stop.  In fact my journal is full of scribblings and notes that were offered to me as suggestions for designs or thread path wanderings.
I do hope I can produce some really good work in 2014.  Happy New Year everyone x


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