Wednesday, June 4, 2014

6 out of 6!

All 6 books that have my work included within their pages have now been published!  It took almost three years of waiting for all 6 to be published.  The Beaders Guide to Designing Jewelry by Margie Deeb is my number 6 addition. 

I have an honoured, proud, giddy and a 'still can't believe it sort of feeling' about the publications.

Back in late 2011 I submitted two submissions to the call from Lark Books for 'Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry'.  To my delight and shock they were both curated in.  Melbournian (neckpiece) and Magic Carpet Ride Cuff were published!

Then there was another call from Lark Books, but this time for 'Showcase 500 Art Necklaces'.  I submitted a single submission, Arabesque Armour.  She was accepted! 

Arabesque Armour is my most acclaimed piece of beadwork.  She was created for the inaugural Battle of the Beadsmith 2012 of which she reached the dizzy heights of Top 5.  She was then selected to be featured as part of an article along with other selected beadworks from the Battle in the German beading magazine 'Perlen Poesie'. I entered Arabesque Armour along with 'The Jewelled Net of Indra' into the 2013 Bead Dreams contest, both were Finalists.  Finally, Arabesque Armour was selected to feature in the book 'Marcia DeCoster Presents'.

Next, an email from the lovely Anneta Valious inviting me to submit images of 'Jacaranda Nights'. Jacaranda Nights is a Swarovski zipper neckpiece that was created for an Australian Swarovski contest.  No seed beads were allowed, only Swarovski elements.  She did not place.  Jacaranda Nights was selected to feature in the Gallery section of Anneta's book 'Soutache 30 Gorgeous Bead Embroidery Designs by Anneta Valious'.

Hepzibah's Pendulum was created for the Gallery section of Marcia DeCoster's second book 'Beads in Motion.
The lovely Marcia DeCoster invited me to participate as one of 30 beaders to share our beading techniques and inspirations for her third book. 'Marcia DeCoster Presents Interviews with 30 Beaders on Inspiration & Technique'.
Margie Deeb emailed me asking to use images of my previously published 'Magic Carpet Ride Cuff' (published Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry - Lark Books) for her new book 'The Beaders Guide to Jewelry Design'.  Of course I said yes! 
Thank you so very much to Ray Hemachandra, Chungi Choo, Lark Books, Anneta Valious, Marcia DeCoster and Margie Deeb. 
What an incredible honour and priviledge to have my work included within the pages of your magnificent beading books.
A special thank you to my dear beading pal, Patrick Duggan is well in order as well.

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