Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sweet Dreams Chrissy

Chrissy in her signature 'school girl uniform' performing live.

Apri 21, 2013 Australia lost a music icon .. the divine forever rock chick, Chrissy Amplett, lead vocalist of the Divinyls, dead at 53. 
She died in New York, surrounded by people she loved which is what any of us could ever hope for when we depart the mortal coil.
Chrissy suffered for some years with both MS and breast cancer, but it was the breast cancer that claimed her life.

 The Divinyls performing Pleasure & Pain 1983

The Divinyls were a band that for me defined Australian music and living in the 80's.  The 80's is known for many things including bad fashion and big hair, but for me it was simply a time that I was young, carefree and wild. 
Chrissy was the epitome of wild woman, her rock chick moves, lushious pouty lips, smokey eye make up and raunchy stage costumes.
Combine this with a unique husky singing voice, she was simply amazing to see live.
I saw the Divinyls perform in Perth, Western Australia in the early 80's .. back then I think I paid about $20 to get into the gig. 

Then again in 1988 at the Expo in Brisbane.
I am grateful for the experience. Thank you for the memories 'The Divinyls'
I mourn the loss of Chrissy very much. 
Vale Chrissy, sweet dreams, Australia adores you.

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