Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oh No, broken Miyuki Delicas!!

I am sharing my experience with you, concerning a particular type of Miyuki Delica bead that has failed (ie broken under tension) more than three times whilst being woven into beadwork.  My experience would suggest that matte coloured Miyuki Delica's do not cope well under tight tension and will ultimately break.

Pic 02. Broken Delicas - Brooch

Pic 01. Broken Delicas - Brooch

I used Miyuki Delicas to bead the two beadwork pieces shared within this blog.  I have re-beaded them both twice. 
Collectively that is three times! 
The beadwork pieces returned to me earlier this year as they had 'broken' again (break #3). I looked more closely at the pieces and to my dismay it was in fact the Miyuki Delica's that had failed. 

If you look closely at Pic  01, 02 and 03 you will see that the Fireline is intact, just the beads either missing or in half. I doubt very much that the beads were broken through impact ie dropped on a hard surface.  The brooch Pic 01 and Pic 02 failed in two areas.
Pic 03. Broken Delicas - Pendant
The first rebead of the pieces I naturally assumed it was the Nymo that had failed and rebeaded both pieces using 6lb Fireline from scratch again, using the same Miyuki Delica beads that I had originally used DBR 653 (matte orange) and DBR 390 (matte green) both size 11's.  

I beaded these pieces originally, then a second time using Miyuki Delica's from a bulk order of beads that I had purchased.  Whether they were from the same batch will never be known, but it is curious that both DBR's in different matte colours both failed.

The Culprits

I now suspect that it was the Miyuki Delicas that had failed originally however, I did not examine the beadwork closely enough.  I 'assumed' it was the Nymo thread that had failed. 

I no longer use Nymo thread as I consider it an unworthy product for longevity of beadwork.
I rebeaded both pieces a third time abandoning the Miyuki Delicas, using only Miyuki and Toho seed beads (also called rocailles) size 11 and 15 and of course 6lb Fireline.

Rebeaded Brooch, using Miyuki & Toho seed beads

Rebeaded Pendant, using Miyuki seed beads

Another Miyuki Delica, of interest is the DBR 671 size 11.  This bead is not a matt coloured bead but rather a faceted Delica.  The beads actually broke in half many times whilst I was beading this pair of earrings.  I managed however to complete the earrings, after repairing the bead breaks, but over time the beads have failed as did the matt coloured Delicas.  The earrings have not been worn.

In future I will only use matt coloured Miyuki Delicas for projects such as bead embroidery or where tension is not required.

I will say also that the tension I used whilst creating all of these pieces was in accordance with the necessary level of tension required to capture and secure the cabochons within the beadwork.  Any professional beader would have used the same tension. 
I have provided Miyuki feedback regarding their products.

Happy Beading Mel


  1. Hi Melissa,
    I have the same problem and experience with Delica snake skin. It is not only fragile, but cuts off the thread and fireline as well. I do not use them anymore.
    BR: Zuzana

    1. Hi the Hex Delica's or 'faceted' Delicas is that what you're calling 'snakeskins'?

  2. Hi--
    Same thing happened to me on the snakeskin doing just a band of them. Cut my fireline...repaired and cut again in another place. I finally gave up and will not use those beads.