Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bead Dream Winners 2013

This year I was delighted to be a finalist in both the Seed Bead and Crystal Jewelry Categories in the prestigous Bead Dreams, Bead Artistry Contest (Milwaukee, USA). 

No wins this year, but a finalist for two years running is an achievement I not ever imagined possible.

Congratulations to each and every winner and finalist at this years Bead Dreams contest.

Crystal Jewelry Cateogory Finalist 2013.  The Jewelled Net of Indra
The Jewelled Net of Indra

The Jewelled Net of Indra

Seed Bead Jewelry Category Finalist & Top 5 Battle of the Beadsmith Finalist Arabesque Armour

Arabesque Armour

Best in Show

Carpet "Anastasia" by Tatiana Fitzpatrick
Best in Show runner up
Mira by Sarah Thompson, Wash.
The People's Choice Award: to be advised after June 12.
1st Place - Floral Wedding Set by Barbara Caraway, AK,
2nd Place - Winter Dreams by Susan Matych-Hager,
3rd Place - Bee Hive by Stephanie White, Ga.
Polymer Clay
1st Place - Reggae Necklace by Melanie Muir, United Kingdom,
2nd Place - Gigantical Fantastical Spider Ring by Kathleen Bingaman, Mich.
3rd Place - Les Fleurs de Paradis by Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg, Conn.
Crystal Jewelry
1st Place - Crystal Waterfall by Alla Maslennikova,
2nd Place - Mukades by Guzialia Reed,
3rd Place - Tattered by Diane Hyde,
Metal Clay
1st Place - The Ruins by Christie Anderson, Ariz
2nd Place - Growth by Julia Rai
3rd Place - Mokume Gane Tortoise by Cindy Pankopf, Calif.
1st Place - Mira by Sarah Thompson, Wash.
2nd Place - Phoenix Jacket by Vanessa Walilko, Ill.
3rd Place - Penny Pincher by Omniobadiah Mee
Handmade Buttons or Beads
1st Place - Robot Party by Joan Miller, Fla.
2nd Place - Dragonflies by Joan Miller, Fla.
3rd Place - Tuscany Flowers by Vladislav Ivanov and Kremena Ivanova
Finished Jewelry
1st Place - Demon of Screamin' a Dedication by Sherry Serafini, Pa.
2nd Place - Angel Armor by Heidi Kummli, Colo.
3rd Place - Jurassic by Anneta Valious
Seed Bead Jewelry
1st Place - Blue Feather by Andrea Grzabka, Calif.
2nd Place - Picnic in May on Lilac Way by Marsha Wiest-Hines
3rd Place - Violet Blossoms by Gabriela Mendez Fernandez, Spain
Objects or Accessories
1st Place - Carpet "Anastasia" by Tatiana Fitzpatrick
2nd Place - "Peep Show" Beaded Corset by Laura McCabe
3rd Place - Baas by Gabriella Van Diepen


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  3. I was so excited to be able to see your breathtaking work in person! No photo ever does beadwrok justice, but in your case, the effect is considerably amplified. I hope some day to get to meet you there Melissa!

  4. Your work is stunning. I especially love the colours. Regards from Stockholm, Sweden. AnnaStasia

  5. Wow! your work is amazing and gorgeous.
    Congratulations on your finalists spots....very well-deserved...maybe next year will be the year you will win.